NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK ENCROACHMENT Nairobi National Park is threatened due to encroachment and pressure due to increase in population of Nairobi. This is affecting the ecosystem

Solai Dam Case Update

Justice and Environment Foundation NGO represented by RKO Advocates stops Lawyer from acting in Solai Dam tragedy case due to conflict of interest.   REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE HIGH COURT OF KENYA AT NAIVASHA (CORAM: R MWONGO, J) MISCELLANEOUS CRIMINAL APPLICATION NO. 28 OF 2018 DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS………………………APPLICANT VERSUS PERRY MANSUKH KANSAGARA…………………………1ST RESPONDENT

Solai Dam Litigation

This the best news for the solai Dam victims. The court in Naivasha has ordered a fresh trial of Patel dam owners. We thank the court for that. It was clear something was not right.. As Justice and Environment Foundation  NGO we are happy with work done by RKO Advocate LLP for our victims. Daily

Godfrey Onyango advises air crash victims on Legal Education

Foreign lawyers have been trooping to Kenya seeking to be hired by families of last year’s Ethiopian Airlines crash victims. Lawyers who represent plane crash victims usually work pro bono but expect to get a percentage of the settlement. A few days after the March 10, 2019 crash of the Nairobi-bound Boeing 737 MAX, some

Godfrey Otieno Onyango Interview – KTN 28/08/2019

A comprehensive discussion in the wake of the Amazon fires focussing on environmental degradation, fire destruction of the Amazon forest and its effect on climate change.

Godfrey Otieno Onyango Interview – TV47 15/08/2019

A discussion on the issue of waste management